couple of young boys out in the woods
we're playing revolutionary war
sending letters way back home
miss the warm arms that sheltered me there
mama I love you won't you take care
see you when I get home from here
I'm gonna see you again
couple of times I been sailing upstream
rocks and the treeline river gets mean
and I'm sending signals back to the shore
won't you be careful oh one I adore
if you get lonesome I hope there's a cure
I'm gonna see you real soon I'm sure
I'm gonna see you again
everyone's dancin down at the parlor
and when I saw you I thought oh well I oughta
walk right over and I beg yr pardon
would you like to dance the whole night through
boy a man could get used to you
but I gotta head back up to the woods
cuz I'm fightin a revolutionary war
I'll send you letters my dearest friend
just keep me in yr locket til then


from Revival, track released October 2, 2014
clark/pfeiffer 2013 (trad. girl I left behind me / arrg. purcell)



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